Fix up your house with these summer home improvement projects

Posted on Wednesday, May 20 2020 in Queensville Lifestyle

Home Improvement

When pleasant temperatures arrive, most of us feel a boost of energy to do more things around the house. Warmer weather and less precipitation make it easier to tackle indoor and outdoor renovations. Check out these summer home improvement projects and start planning how you'd like to fix up your house this season. 


Before you begin, it's a good idea to establish a budget and make a list of the jobs you'd like to accomplish. Then, identify the priority level of each task and estimate how much time every project will take. Some of us tend to start multiple upgrades at once. However, it can be overwhelming when you have too many things on the go. 


It's also important to stick to one job in one space at a time to avoid inconveniencing you and your family. For instance, if you've decided that your kitchen needs a makeover, try tackling one task at a time in order of importance.


Give your driveway and front entrance some much-needed attention

Over the winter months, your driveway and front porch will be impacted by cold temperatures, salting, and shovelling. Whether you have a concrete, asphalt, or an interlocking stone driveway, all are susceptible to erosion and weathering over time. 


If you don't live in a new subdivision like Queensville, chances are that your driveway and outdoor entryway might need more love. 


First, evaluate the amount of damage your driveway and front steps have incurred. Then, decide what's worth repairing or needs replacing. Your job might be as simple as removing a few of your interlocking stones to install new ones, and summer is a great time to take on this task. 


If your driveway has survived winter with little damage, then a good cleaning might be all that is needed. A power washer is a useful tool to remove stuck-on stains. However, you might need a little extra help to get rid of messes caused by car fluids.


Products that can help you eliminate fluid stains include WD-40, soda pop, oven cleaner and diluted ammonia. Remember to be careful and read the instructions before using chemicals on your driveway. Also, wear protective safety gear, like a ventilated mask and safety glasses, if required. It's a good idea to test a chemical on a small portion of your space before covering a large area, in case there are any adverse reactions.  


The perfect time for roof repairs

Repairing the roof of your home can seem daunting at the best of times. It may be a job that you can handle yourself or a project that requires professional assistance to complete. Whether you choose to hire help or do the work yourself, timing is everything when it comes to this task.


A new home will likely need less roof attention than an older home. Therefore, your requirements will be different based on the age of your house. Before calling a roofing contractor, decide on the level of help that you need. 


Home improvement expert Bob Vila says that the best time for roofing projects is early summer. If you are taking on this task yourself, working during the warmer months gives you more daylight to manage your project. However, it's important to take care of business before temperatures get too high. 


Vila also notes that new shingles need heat to produce a weathertight seal. Therefore, June and early July seem like good months to start working on your roof. During spring and early summer, roofing companies are also still operating in their off-peak season. This means that you may be able to get a more affordable price and an appointment that fits your schedule. 


Now is the time for a stunning fireplace 

Are you dreaming of cozying up in front of a beautiful fireplace on a cold winter's night? If so, consider making your dream a reality during the summertime. Working on this project well before winter means that it can be ready before the snow hits the ground. 


Fireplace stones and materials can also be heavy and difficult to move. Therefore, starting this home improvement task during the summer means that you won't have to deal with icy stairs and slippery driveways. Instead, you'll be able to get everything inside your home with ease. 


A fireplace contractor might also be less busy during the warmer months, so you'll likely have more options available if you choose to outsource this upgrade. One option is to reface your fireplace using natural stone veneers. This product is easy to install and lasts a very long time. There are also lots of great options available that suit a variety of spaces. 


Now that you're inspired to tackle these summer home improvement projects, remember to always consider safety first. Know your limits and respect them when choosing to perform your own repairs and installations. Feel free to ask for help or advice if you get stuck. There are lots of useful resources online and professionals waiting for your call.

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